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Terms and Conditions of Online Redemption

  1. The Manager shall repurchase units from a unit holder at the price (NAV) to be determined at the next valuation point (i.e. Forward Pricing) on which the valid redemption request is received by the Manager.
  2. Currently, redemption via Manulife iFUNDS is only open for EPF scheme via i-Invest. For investment under EPF scheme via e-PPA, please contact customer service or your respective advisor.
  3. Request for redemption of units for EPF scheme will be made payable to EPF only. Please refer to EPF Members Investment Scheme guideline.
  4. Payment to a third party or request for cheque is strictly prohibited.
  5. For joint accounts where only the Principal Holder is authorised to sign, redemption payment is payable to Principal Holder only.
  6. Please ensure that the bank account number is correct and in the name of the account holder registered with us. The Manager will NOT be held responsible for any delay and/or loss incurred due to wrong bank account number provided by the unit holder(s) for bank-in of redemption proceeds.
  7. For full redemption of funds with Standing Instruction for regular investment, please advise the bank to cancel the Standing Instruction immediately. 
  8. For partial redemption, please leave a minimum balance of units required to maintain your fund(s) account. In the event any request for partial redemption results in the unit holder holding less than the minimum balance of units required, the Manager reserves the right to fully redeem all the units held in account.
  9. Cancellation of request for redemption is not allowed.
  10.  Request for redemption is not applicable for EPF float units.
  11. The Manager will charge a Redemption fee as stated in the relevant Prospectus or Information Memorandum.
  12. All fees and charges (e.g. sales charge, switching fee, transfer fee, management fee, trustee fee and any other relevant fee(s) and/or charge(s), where applicable, may be subject to tax that may be introduced by the Government of Malaysia from time to time. The Manager, the Trustee and/or other service providers reserve the right to collect from you and/or the Fund an amount equivalent to the prevailing rate of tax payable for all charges and fees, where applicable.

    Your obligation to pay any applicable taxes shall form part of the Terms and Conditions.
  13. Manulife IM (Malaysia) reserves the rights to off-set and/or deduct any amount from the redemption amount that may be owed by the unit holder(s) to Manulife IM (Malaysia).

Rights of  Manager

The Manager reserves the right to accept or reject any application in whole or part thereof without assigning any reasons.

Any inconsistency between the terms and conditions herein and the prospectus(es) or Information Memorandum, the latter will prevail. If you require further clarification, please contact your personal UT Adviser, our branch nearest to you or our Customer Service at: (03) 2719 9271

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Help us to serve you betterClick here to find out how you can update your Information today!

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